Lisa writes from the Esperanza


I've been at sea for 5 weeks now and can't wait to set foot on terra firma again and do all the things I've been missing. When I am on land I dream of being at sea and now I'm at sea - I can't stop thinking about getting back on land even though the Go Beyond Oil expedition has been really exciting so far.

My friends and colleagues are often very jealous that I have been on a Greenpeace ship and they often don't realise how hard it can be. And I remember sitting at home reading Greenpeace blogs before I started working for this organisation - feeling incredibly envious because it seemed like activists on ships had so much fun. But it's hard work and often physically and mentally exhausting - especially when the weather isn't on your side.

There have been times on this trip when I've found myself really wishing I was somewhere else - somewhere that's sunny, somewhere that's staying still and not moving around all the time, somewhere that sells a decent white wine and a fresh salad, somewhere green with trees, somewhere to go for a walk that doesn't involve circling a relatively small ship.

I wish I could fall asleep without feeling stuck inside a tiny box. I wish I could get on my bicycle and ride anywhere I like. I wish I could finish work at a reasonable time, go home, watch TV with my husband and dog and sleep in my own bed.

Even when I am having a really bad day on the Esperanza - and wishing I could get off just for a brief period of time - I just have to go outside and take a deep breath and remind myself that I'm lucky. Lucky to be on one of the coolest ships in the entire world, to go to places I would probably never get to see otherwise, to see the most amazing sunsets, to be able to listen to the waves while looking up at a starry sky. Most of all I feel lucky to be working with some of the best, most experienced and most passionate people in Greenpeace and lucky to be directly involved with our actions. I exhale and go back inside feeling incredibly grateful.

If you think you'd love to work on one of our ships you can fill out an application form. And if not - there's plenty of other ways you can get involved - and you can now crew on the virtual Greenpeace ship here.


Image: Esperanza in the Atlantic ©Greenpeace/ Will Rose