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A polar bear in Auckland

Page - April 29, 2014
The polar bear is here to say what’s happening in the Arctic isn’t staying in the Arctic. She’s a warning that the impacts of climate change are being felt around the world. A polar bear in NZ is a pretty clear sign that things aren’t right!

If you want to meet the polar bear and learn more about how you can Save The Arctic, then you can come out to see her in these places (but it all depends on the weather - polar bears hate the rain!)

*As locations are subject to change, please check back here before you come out to meet her just to make sure the schedule is still the same*

04/06/2014    8 - 10am at Fort St
12/06/2014    9 - 10am at High St / Freyberg Place near the Freyberg Fountain
20/06/2014    11am - 1pm at Aotea Square at Queen St-Wellesley/Wakefield
05/07/2014    11am - 1pm at Britomart/Queen Elizabeth Sq.

Here are some short clips of polar bear sightings from around Auckland so far




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