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  • Friends in high places - the Arctic 30 receive political support all over the world

    Blogpost by Daniel Mittler - November 11, 2013 at 10:06

    It's not often that the President of Brazil, the Vice President of Iran, the Chancellor of Germany, the Argentinian Senate, the EU parliament, Burma's opposition leader, 13 Nobel Peace Prize winners, and hundreds of parliamentarians all over the world agree on anything.

    But that they all agree with Greenpeace? That's truly humbling, and — as far as I know — unprecedented. I have been doing work with politicians all over the world for many years. But I have never seen such a truly global outpouring of support. For which we say: Thank you.

    Let me take you on a small world tour, which illustrates the depth and breadth of the support we have received. Especially when you remember, that this is just a small selection, a snapshot.

    Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar, Iran's Vice President and Head of thei... Read more >

  • Deep sea drilling will soon commence in the rough waters off the NZ coast. This could mark the beginning of an oil rush in which democratic process, public concern, environmental protection and safety considerations are all swept aside.

    The Arctic is a unique and globally significant ecosystem. It is a fragile wilderness that is being rapidly reshaped by human actions. Anthropogenic climate change is driving the loss of sea ice, leaving ever greater expanses of the Arctic Ocean ice free.

    With a tragic inevitability, oil companies like Gazprom and Shell are greedily eyeing up the opportunities for offshore exploration in this new frontier. If an oil spill were to happen in the Arctic, the damage would be devastating on a global scale. 

    This is why 30 brave people took part in a peaceful p... Read more >

  • In Russia, the future of the Arctic is up for debate

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - November 7, 2013 at 12:05

    The Russian public are far less sure than Gazprom about the question of drilling in the Arctic. In a poll produced by Russian research agency FOM, 42% said drilling and mining in the Arctic was not appropriate. Just behind the 45% who felt it was.

    And if they're unsure about the wisdom of drilling, they're even more unsure about the wisdom of making territorial claims. Asked if neutral Arctic territory should be split up between the nations which border it, 69% said no. Just 17% favoured partition.