Green drinksI was put in charge of inviting "celebrities and prominent people" to 'Green Drinks' aboard the Warrior last night.

I'm not good with celebrities - I don't really know what one is. And I certainly don't think I know any. "Nicky Watson?" I thought. "She'd be good. Maybe I'll get her down. Or one of those folks off Dancing with the Stars." Eventually I had to put an email out to all Greenpeace staff asking if anyone knew anyone who knew a celebrity. No one came back to me. (Sometimes I think we're moving in the wrong circles.)

What are Green Drinks you ask ... check this out.

Fast forward to evening, March 5, Rainbow Warrior. There was a sea breeze up but the late sun was shining. We had organic wine and beer laid out, an array of chopped vegetables kindly donated by Pure Fresh organics, and bowls of fresh blueberries placed strategically around the deck. Even the crew had scrubbed up for the occasion; I detected the distinct smell of mousse in the first mate's hair. All we needed was our celebrities!

Actually the famous people were beside the point. We got over 100 lovely visitors; all of whom work in the environment sector in some way, or are interested in all things green. Apparently the response to the initial invite aboard the boat was so extraordinary that it almost crashed the Green Drinks RSVP system.

The night wiled itself away. Strangers mingled, wine flowed and I blushed infront of some of my special guests. The Rainbow Warrior proved to be a hit, with many people commenting on how they felt a real connection to it, even if they'd never been onboard. One guest even admitted to nearly shedding a tear as she walked up the gangplank.

Over and out.