Feel the love

A global Valentines message of love to the Japanese

Feature story - February 14, 2007
Jet lagged Japanese people flying into New Zealand at both Auckland and Christchurch international airports were greeted by Greenpeace activists bearing messages of love.

A Greenpeace activist giving Valentines day cards and flowers to a Japanese tourist arriving in Auckland.

Smiling Greenpeace activists handed out Valentines day cards and flowers to Japanese tourists arriving in New Zealand. Another delegation of whale lovers delivered flowers to the  Japanese Embassy in Wellington, with the message: "We love Japan - but whaling breaks our hearts."

The tourists received a red rose, a note welcoming them to New Zealand and a whale watching voucher. The Japanese Ambassador's bouquet was in the shape of a Japanese flag.

The Japanese Government has spent years trying to convince the people of Japan that if you're anti-whaling, then you're anti-Japan. This simply is not the case and what better day than Valentines day to get this message to both the Japanese people - and their Government!

Elsewhere in the world, flowers, hearts, chocolates, kisses and romantic gondola trips will be delivered by Greenpeace activists to embassies and Japanese tourists in Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Fiji, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay and the USA.

Images will be displayed here as they come in over the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, down in the Southern Ocean, a fax is on its way to the Nisshin Maru - the factory ship of the whaling fleet. The fax reads:

"We Love Japan, but Whaling Breaks Our Hearts! 69 % of your fellow Japanese do not support what you are doing in the Sanctuary and there is virtually no market for what you are producing. The "research" you have been ordered to carry out is not wanted by scientists and the meat is not wanted by the Japanese people. On this Valentine's Day, a day for spreading love we ask once again that you leave the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and return to port."

These activities are taking place as the Japanese Government hosts a meeting of pro-whaling countries continues in Tokyo, in an attempt to "normalise" whaling. The meeting continues until tomorrow, when it is expected that the Japanese government will use the occasion to claim there is support for a resumption of commercial whaling.

Almost without exception pro-conservation members of the Commission have agreed not to attend underlining the fact that whaling does not belong in the 21st century and the only way forward for the IWC is to start working for the whales and not the whalers.

Whaling does not belong in the 21st century and the only way forward for the IWC is to start working for the whales and not the whalers.

The way to win this campaign is to win it in Japan. Through the Whale Love Wagon website, Greenpeace Japan is now successfully sparking a public debate on whaling which is not driven by Government propaganda.

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