Government must now decide on palm kernel

Press release - February 6, 2011
Sunday February 6, 2011, New Plymouth: Greenpeace says that yesterday’s action on board the MV Great Motion leaves the Government with no option but to decide on what its policy is on palm kernel, and that the only option is to put a stop to its use.

The last of Greenpeace’s activists were removed from the cranes on board the ship at 1930 hours Saturday – 12 hours after the action began.

One activist spent five and a half hours on the ship’s anchor chain.

Four of the activists have been charged with unlawfully being on a ship, while the activist who was on the anchor chain has been charged with committing a dangerous activity involving a ship.

“Greenpeace has managed to successfully highlight the enormous quantities of palm kernel that are being imported for Fonterra’s farms, and to show that the Government is being dangerously short-sighted on a vital issue that presents a real economic risk to New Zealand, through  potential damage to our clean green brand,” says Greenpeace NZ Climate Campaigner Nathan Argent.

“Thirty thousand tonnes of palm kernel have passed through Port Taranaki just this week. Ten thousand tonnes were on board this ship alone.

“Last year 1.4 million tonnes of palm kernel were imported into New Zealand. That’s a quarter of a billion dollar's worth.

“The Government has to get its facts straight on palm kernel, and respond to the threat it poses to our economy and to the climate, and put a stop to its use,” Argent says.