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The NZ Government is currently negotiating the 'Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement' (TPPA) in secret, without any public consultation. If the TPPA goes ahead, it will put at risk NZ's innovative economy, our pristine environment, our health, and the ability to determine our own future.

Send a message to all NZ political party leaders to demand transparency and a deal that’s in the best interests of all New Zealanders or stop the negotiations altogether:


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TPPA is a trade deal in name only. While it has many aspects of the average trade agreement, this one goes a lot further and sets up chilling constraints on how each country manages their domestic regulation.

All of the negotiations on the deal are secret but leaked documents have shown that within the agreement there are clauses that will allow overseas companies to sue the New Zealand Government. One in particular – catchily known as the investor state dispute settlement - gives special legal rights to foreign investors to sue our Government (or any future government) if New Zealand law is changed in a way they think undermines their profits.

If for example New Zealand wanted to introduce better legislation to clean up our rivers, limit the amount of waste we produce or reduce pollution, the TPPA will allow investors to challenge these decisions in offshore private tribunals with no public accountability but which potentially require compensation from the New Zealand taxpayer.

This would seriously hinder our ability to manage our own affairs. And it is not just environmental regulation that would be impacted. The TPPA’s tentacles also extend to things like workers rights, health care and intellectual property. In short our democracy and self determination are all on the line.