The Korean government is not just one entity. The fisheries ministry, backed by the remnants of Korea's whaling industry and their allies, supports the resumption of whaling but the President and Foreign minister, who have wider interests, may not.

Send the email below to the Prime Minister today to let him know that the whalers are not the only ones with an interest in this.


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On December 3 Korea plans to table a proposal to start 'scientific' whaling. The first harpoons will be fired in the summer of 2013. But there is time to stop this if we act now.

At this year's International Whaling Commission meeting in July, Korea announced that it would start 'scientific' whaling. This was supported by Iceland, Norway and Japan but strongly opposed by antiwhaling nations. There was a media storm with thousands of critical articles appearing and soon there were reports that Korea had changed its mind. But the reports were wrong.     

What Korea did was promise to incorporate input from all concerned governments and NGOs before submitting a proposal to the IWC. This means it plans to follow an IWC mandated process which only involves reviewing the proposal to find ways to strengthen it but will not challenge its legitimacy to proceed. Once Korea requests 'scientific' whaling, the IWC has no powers to stop it no matter what the scientists say.

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