Email Pemex DG Emilio Lozoya



Thanks to the international pressure Pemex decided to drop the charges against Rosina. As a consequence the criminal judge has discontinued the court case. This means that all our activists are free of any charges!

Without your support we could not have made this happen. A big thanks from a happy and relieved Mexican office.

Free Rosina and defend peaceful protest

Peaceful protest is under attack. On March 1, Mexican activist Rosina González took action to support a clean, renewable energy future. She climbed the headquarters of PEMEX, an oil company in Veracruz, Mexico. Now PEMEX is trying to silence her. They are accusing her of breaking a light while she scaled the building. This absurd charge could send Rosina to prison for up to 10 years.

Pemex is one of the richest corporations on the planet, and right now it’s looking for foreign investors like Shell, Exxon, BP, and Chevron. They don’t want any protesters suggesting there’s opposition, so they’re using this flimsy excuse to send Rosina to prison as an example to any who dare speak out against fossil fuels.

Rosina took action to free her country and the planet from dirty energy, and now an oil company is trying to silence her by accusing her of a crime she did not commit. We have to make our voices heard and stand up in her defence.

Tell Pemex Director General Emilio Lozoya to drop the absurd charges against Rosina and stop criminalizing peaceful protest.