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In defence of the right to peaceful protest at sea

This proposed new law is an assault on the honourable Kiwi values of having a say and being able to stand up for our country.

Simon Bridges' new law is a sledgehammer designed to attack peaceful protest at sea. It is being bundled through Parliament without proper scrutiny despite its significant constitutional, democratic and human rights implications.

New Zealanders have a rich history of protesting at sea. It is a part of who we are. The boats that set sail to stop French nuclear testing led to a proud legacy that defines us, and our country.

The proposed amendments breach international law, and attack our democratic freedoms.

That's why we, the below signed, strongly oppose Simon Bridges' proposed amendment to the Crown Minerals Bill.


  • 1406533389973
    23 hours ago

    cheyenne jade leslie ward, New Zealand

  • 1406443749207
    2 days ago

    Maureen Howard, New Zealand

  • 1406222149743
    4 days ago

    Natasha Luke, New Zealand

  • 1406089687303
    6 days ago

    jade Ruzicka-Pike, New Zealand

  • 1406023509663
    6 days ago

    Leila Wilcox, New Zealand

  • 1405944321410
    7 days ago

    Amy Mitrovic , New Zealand

  • 1405925675983
    7 days ago

    Jayme Hawea, New Zealand

  • 1405807114227
    9 days ago

    Kristina Reid, New Zealand

  • 1405580289893
    11 days ago

    Nukuroa Tirikatene-Nash, New Zealand

  • 1405330184103
    14 days ago

    krysana rodway, New Zealand

  • 1405318602957
    15 days ago

    Dwight Brbich, New Zealand

  • 1405299353260
    15 days ago

    Christina Tunnicliff, New Zealand

  • 1404892243290
    19 days ago

    Nicola Cryer, New Zealand

  • 1404609591913
    23 days ago

    Paul Fielding, New Zealand

  • 1404363042283
    26 days ago

    Alicia Littlejohn, New Zealand

  • 1403519916670
    one month ago

    Marion Kraus, Germany

  • 1403278983003
    one month ago

    Ben MacManus, New Zealand

  • 1403220725370
    one month ago

    Helen Florence Flight, New Zealand

  • 1403006630263
    one month ago

    Bronwyn Davis, New Zealand

  • 1403005355130
    one month ago

    Nicola Roys, New Zealand

  • 1402993802523
    one month ago

    steven walker, New Zealand

  • 1402976187137
    one month ago

    angela yerkovich, New Zealand

  • 1402902121910
    one month ago

    oliver coulson, New Zealand

  • 1402639265560
    one month ago

    Claudia Gottschalk, Germany

  • 1402576434317
    one month ago

    Eden Barley, New Zealand

  • 1402551375630
    one month ago

    Ellen Ozarka, New Zealand

  • 1402515436920
    one month ago

    Diana Martin, Spain

  • 1402413953210
    one month ago

    Ursula Piazzolla, Italy

  • 1402101367263
    one month ago

    Paulo Nührich, Brazil

  • 1401839291947
    one month ago

    karen Donaldson, New Zealand

  • 1401816642553
    one month ago

    Carlos A. Musfeldt, Argentina

  • 1401802377843
    one month ago

    Tara Hutton, New Zealand

  • 1401789025927
    one month ago

    Siddhartha Erasmus, South Africa

  • 1401786621757
    one month ago

    Madison Tomlin, New Zealand

  • 1401770246167
    one month ago

    Brennan Martin, New Zealand

  • 1401759831710
    one month ago

    Anne Harris, New Zealand

  • 1401527710570
    one month ago

    Wendy Groves, New Zealand

  • 1401415927607
    2 months ago

    Holly McGrouther, New Zealand

  • 1401305402583
    2 months ago

    Kathleenjoy Rosalia Katleya Almondia, Philippines

  • 1401269757930
    2 months ago

    Janett Levien, New Zealand

  • 1400896585037
    2 months ago

    Edmund Dickie, New Zealand

  • 1399853869897
    2 months ago

    Rhian Diggle, New Zealand

  • 1399853845360
    2 months ago

    Rhian Diggle, New Zealand

  • 1399853844783
    2 months ago

    Rhian Diggle, New Zealand

  • 1399623030330
    2 months ago

    Hiren Makwana, India

  • 1399264419813
    2 months ago

    Fatai Manavahetau, New Zealand

  • 1399152405370
    2 months ago

    Elizabet Nipper, United States

  • 1398153918867
    3 months ago

    Judd Munro, New Zealand

  • 1397778192963
    3 months ago

    Teagan Frazer-Bristow, New Zealand

  • 1397617261460
    3 months ago

    Caroline Chambers, New Zealand


Defend the Right to Peaceful Protest at Sea: Reject The Anadarko Amendment
The New Zealand Government is pandering to the interests of foreign oil companies by pushing through a new law to criminalise certain crucial rights to peaceful protest at sea. Rights that helped us to become a nuclear free nation and end nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Designed to benefit foreign oil companies and penalise ordinary New Zealanders, the 'Anadarko Amendment' was announced on Easter Sunday by Energy Minister Simon Bridges. It will not be open to consultation or vetting for breaches of the Bill of Rights.

It is an affront to New Zealand’s democracy, and to our long held right and proud tradition of peaceful protest at sea.

Sign on to this statement now to make a stand in defence of the right to protest at sea.

Here's the full legal opinion (PDF) and some additional context (PDF).

These People & Groups Signed the Statement:

George Armstrong, Founder Peace Squadron
Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Palmer QC
Peter Williams QC
Rikirangi Gage, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui
Sir Ngatata Love
Dame Anne Salmond
Jeanette Fitzsimons
Bryan Gould, Former Chancellor of Waikato University
Lucy Lawless
WWF-New Zealand
Forest and Bird
Coal Action Network Aotearoa
Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki
Peace Movement Aotearoa
NZ Council of Trade Unions, Helen Kelly
Sustainability Council, Simon Terry
Amnesty International NZ
Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand
Generation Zero
Global Poverty Project, NZ
Oil Free Wellington
KASM (Kiwis against Seabed Mining)
Clean Energy Future, Nelson
Surfbreak Protection Society Inc.
MineWatch Northland
Maria Tyrrell, (daughter of Captain Alan Tyrrell, who Captained the HMNZS Otago at the Mururoa protests in 1973)
Anton Oliver, ex All Black Captain