Greenpeace Romania position statement regarding the protests for the repeal of the 13/2017 emergency ordinance

Articol principal - februarie 6, 2017
Last week, Greenpeace Romania joined the unprecedented street protests in the history of Romania since 1989, against Emergency Ordinance, that would have brought decriminalization of public office abuse within the legal framework.

The consequences of this emergency ordinance would have affected our work to protect the environment.

Because of the pressure exerted by the large number of people that took the streets to protect democracy, the Government repealed the ordinance. It is a victory for democracy. We are therefore asking the Government to respect and follow the democratic principles of the rule of law and of the fight against corruption, in the new law project that will replace ordinance 13/2017 and to organize correct consultations, including with the civil society.

We consider that what happened in Romania is a lesson for us all. The extraordinary mobilization power of the people and their shown solidarity when they saw their rights under threat have amazed the entire world and were given as an example by the international press. Above all, this reminded everyone that we must fight for our fundamental rights and that we have the power to change unjust actions. We live in an extraordinary time of humanity, where both amazing and worrying things are happening with regard to the health of the planet. Now more than ever we need to unite in the fight to protect our planet that is under threat by climate change. For a clean environment we need action now and democracy is the best environment!