Clean water for Submaidane

Together with Bankwatch Romania we launched  the ”Clean water for Submaidane” campaign, whose aim is to help a community in the Gorj county, Romania, affected by the environmental accident which happened in December 2013, at one of the biggest coal power plants in Romania, based in Turceni city.

One year ago, a few days before Christmas, a pipe broke from an ash pond, which lead to a massive spill of water and ash. The spill flooded an entire neighborhood near the Turceni coal power plant. Houses, water wells, crops, orchards and vineyards have been covered by a thick layer of slag, water and ash, higher than 1.5 meters on some areas. Residents from the Submaidane neighborhood were left without drinking water, wells were flooded and contaminated, posing a high risk of disease. Official operations to clean up the area are  slow and the authorities did not provide any solution to supply the people with clean water.

The campaign objective

Our aim is to equip 10 households in Submaidane with water filtration devices. One of these filters is already installed and running with good results in terms of water quality, but we also have to buy 9 more. For buying these equipments we need 3.000 EUR, and we want to do that until December 12th, so that the families would have clean, drinking water before Christmas. Any kind of help is welcome in our efforts to offer clean drinking water for the community from Submaidane. 

How can you donate?

For individual donations

Online - use the menu in the right 

or directly into the account

RO17 BACX 0000 0001 2645 6001 – RON account of Greenpeace Romania, Unicredit Țiriac Bank, Branch Unirii. Fiscal code: 22747989

For corporate donations

RO50 RZBR 0000 0600 1516 7189 – RON account of Bankwatch România, Raiffeisen Bank, Branch Uverturii. Fiscal code: 30796869

Photo credit: Mihai Stoica