Forest planting volunteer camp

The help and the support of volunteers is very important for Greenpeace. In the near future we are planning to develop Greenpeace volunteer groups across Russia.

You are a kind, inquisitive and active person. You've got a lot of ideas about how to improve the environment. You like to communicate with people, and you have a great desire to create beauty. You are looking for a way to use your knowledge and talents…- It's high time to become Greenpeace volunteer.

Volunteers (french "volontaire"-a volunteer) are active people who give their time to help the Greenpeace organization in any way, without monetary compensation.

The work of Greenpeace would be impossible without volunteers; they are our main source of power and support. Their free work is an invaluable contribution to Greenpeace.

If you are living in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can become a permanent member of our volunteer group. In other cities you can participate in Greenpeace activity through the internet.

  Main areas of volunteer activity:

- Ecological inspections (the exposure of illegal wood felling, illegal dumping of garbage, etc.)

- Participating in actions (planting trees, taking away garbage, harvesting acorns, etc.)

- Help in the office (gathering and systematization of information, translation of texts into foreign languages, help in postal delivery, project design, etc.)

- Gathering signatures for appeals to the authorities.

- Participating in informational and educational programs (conducting lessons in schools, organizing seminars, etc.)

You can find more detailed information about volunteer vacancies here.

For those types of activities where special skills are necessary, Greenpeace staff will conduct seminars.

The latest updates


Russian deputies making fun of environmental standards

Feature story | 23 June, 2014 at 16:21

Russia is famous for its wonderful nature, rich natural resources… And for low environmental standards that more and more often fail to protect this nature from aggressive rush for these resources.

Greenpeace reported to the commettee about destruction of tropical World Natural Heritage

Feature story | 19 June, 2014 at 12:27

Greenpeace presented report devoted to the state of conservation of tropical World Natural Heritage properties during last 4 years on the current session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Oil spill response plan for Prirazlomnaya fails to comply with Russian law

Feature story | 18 April, 2014 at 19:38

On the day of shipment of the first Arctic oil from Prirazlomnaya Greenpeace Russia addressed Russian General Prosecutor Office with an official letter claiming that the company’s oil spill response plan does not comply with several requirements...

Did Gazprom launch operations at Prirazlomnaya illegally?

Feature story | 14 April, 2014 at 18:04

Greenpeace Russia has supplied four letters to the Russian Federation's General Prosecutors Office asking to check if the launch of oil production at the Prirazlomnaya rig was legal. The company has violated several requirements of Federal law in...

Gaps in the oil spill prevention and response plan for the operational area of the...

Publication | 4 April, 2014 at 16:14

Greenpeace Russia has analyzed a Summary of the oil spill response plan (OSRP) published on the company’s official website and found numerous gaps that challenge its effectiveness and reliability.

Indigenous Komi people decide to kick Lukoil out of their lands

Feature story | 3 April, 2014 at 14:22 2 comments

Residents from 13 different villages in the Izhma district of the Komi region gathered at a public meeting to discuss recent environmental problems caused by Lukoil, the primary oil company operating in this subarctic area. The result of the...

Gazprom, Rosneft and other Russian oil majors to extract hydrocarbons inside...

Feature story | 25 March, 2014 at 16:59

Using GIS technology Greenpeace Russia has revealed that the Russian Federal Agency on Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) has systematically issued licenses for oil and gas exploration and production overlapping with federally protected areas - in direct...

Ghost towns of Fukushima

Feature story | 24 March, 2014 at 18:35

Photographer Andy Fabian sent us his photos from his recent trip to Fukushima. Here is his story about the land of ghosts and nuclear disaster.

Activists scale ExxonMobil rig on 25th Anniversary of Exxon Valdez

Feature story | 24 March, 2014 at 15:34

Ølen, Norway 24 March 2014, – Today, on the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, Greenpeace climbers scaled an ExxonMobil rig destined to drill in the Russian Arctic. The activists are calling for a ban on offshore oil...

Greenpeace asked the EBRD what its environmental principles are really worth

Feature story | 28 February, 2014 at 19:54

Greenpeace along with an environmental organization Bellona and representatives of Ufa’s community have met with agents of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which is going to sponsor a scandalous project of the Kronospan company...

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