A polar bear reached the Kremlin today with the message: Arctic not for sale!

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Feature story - 1 April, 2013
This morning at 10 a.m. Moscowites had a chance to see quite an unusual picture. A lonely polar bear was drifting along the Moskva river on an ice floe. With his four paws and one paddle he managed to get from the Arctic to the Kremlin Wall. There he unfolded a banner with his manifest “Arctic Not For Sale” and a sign HELP!

photo by Denis Sinyakov


The lonely bear calls to support the new Greenpeace initiative “Arctic Not For Sale!”

But the first to respond his appeal was the Federal Rescue Service. Four cars and one motorboat immediately arrived, and in 30 minutes the bear was rescued from his ice floe that has already started melting. Being an illegal immigrant without Moscow registration, he was brought to a police station and interrogated. But police officers had been compassionate to the poor Arctic refugee and soon let him go without bringing any charges.

The lonely bear got lost in the city looking for a lair place.

And we are launching new campaign to help the bear and other Arctic animals save their home!

Bear-rescue operation. Photo by Denis Sinyakov


The bear was born amid the ice of the Barents Sea and was forced to leave his home in search for help. Insatiable corporations are ravishing the Arctic in the rush for oil. They don’t give a damn about neither bears nor whales that are starving in the melting Arctic, nor care about the fragile climate balance that the remaining polar ice supports. For those companies, the Arctic shelf is just a new source of petrodollars. Melting polar ice and soft environmental regulations are just new business opportunities.

This year, two state-owned oil giants, Statoil and Rosneft, plan to launch a joint venture to extract oil in the Barents Sea, in the middle of arctic storms, drifting ice and long polar night. The decision is to be confirmed by the Statoil shareholder meeting on May 14th, with the state of Norway being the major shareholder.

Rosneft is the dirtiest oil company in the world with over ten thousand of oil spills each year. Thanks to Rosneft Russia became one of the global leaders regarding the number of oil spills.  In recent years the company has become an Arctic monopolist with over 20 concessions for oil production on the shelf, and plans to launch drilling next year.

Statoil is careful about keeping the sea clean in Norway where legislation requires it, but runs most risky ventures in other countries. For example in Russia it plans to drill in ice covered areas which would not be allowed in Norway. Without Statoil's technologies, investments and positive image, Rosneft is unlikely to be able to start drilling in a foreseeable future.

We start collecting signatures to the Norwegian Prime Minister demanding “No” to a new risky oil venture in the Russian Arctic. We call upon Norway, Russia and all citizens around the world to say No to double standards and the dangerous rush for Arctic oil!

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(Unregistered) GlobalShelter says:

Nice Day to You

ThankYou for to post this message . talking with a citizen
in a small city in Slovakia EU , we are talking about strangely
cold sprig : I am saying : an italian professor says we are
burning in one day (1) ten thousands days energy accumulated
in history . He says the warm stream of Gulf coming up
from the Caribic meets a stronger cold water streams
going down against creating extremely cold rainy
and windy scenario behind .

Please write to the media in Europe in America
otherwise i will do

Greetings to the Bear


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