Gazprom: Dreams That Never Come True

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Feature story - 21 September, 2012
Just a couple weeks ago the Russian company “Gazprom” was proving to everybody, and itself, too, it seems, that pumping oil at its “Prirazlomnaya” oil rig in the Pechora Sea was safe. Now, however, the oil and gas giant has to admit the rig's safety is not perfect and oil production there can be risky, a revelation that has made “Gazprom” the last company to suspend its oil production plans in the Arctic. In that respect the company has followed suit of British Petroleum in the Baffin Bay (Canada), Shell in Alaska and Cairn Energy near the shores of Greenland.

Oil drilling in the Arctic is unacceptable! Thanks to all who have voiced their support to this demand – about 2 million Greenpeace supporters voted for establishment of the International Arctic Nature Preserve.

Action Against Gazprom's Arctic Drilling © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace

Due to numerous risks including economic, environmental and social, industrial conquest of the Arctic does not make sense. Today we see another example of the Arctic being a nut impossible to crack for oil companies. The high economic risks of oil production on the Arctic shelf first of all source from high standards set by the governments for development of such projects. We are certain that Gazprom's recent decision is the first step towards complete renunciation of all Arctic oil production plans. Industrialization of the Arctic is nothing but a politically biased race after the last and overpriced drop of oil, a race that must be brought to a halt!

Action Against Gazprom's Arctic Drilling © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace

Vladimir Chouprov, Head of Greenpeace Russia's Energy Campaign: “Greenpeace already warned “Gazprom” of the dangers of oil production at “Prirazlomnaya” and unjustified risks therein. We welcome the fact that “Gazprom” decided to suspend oil production at its platform in the Pechora Sea. Officially, the company is concerned with the safety issues at the rig. I am sure that this decision has our input, too, the input of all who support Greenpeace”.

The drilling operations have been postponed till mid 2013. So be it! We have another year to stop all industrial development plans in the Arctic.

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