Join the Protest to Protect Baikal!

Feature story - 19 April, 2006
Russian Federation – On April 21, at 17:00 a protest to protect Baikal starts at the viewing point of Vorobievy Gory.

Protest against the pipeline’s construction on the Baikal shore. Irkutsk.

You can't hear about it from the news. You can't watch it on TV. You can't read about it in papers. Why?

The government want to hide their crime.

With the connivance of officials Transneft is about to start its oil pipeline's construction in the Far East.

The pipeline can't run close to BAIKAL!

The oil pipeline will not change your life for the better. It won't raise salaries and pensions; it won't make our children healthier. Meantime those pumping oil will enjoy bigger sums on their bank accounts, as they do now.

However, if an accident occurs, thousands of tons of oil will be discharged in Baikal. Then all of us - you and me, those who will have constructed it and those who will have never heard about it - everybody will lose the most amazing lake on the planet which is millions years old.

It will be us who will be responsible for the loss. Because we did not stop Transneft. We didn't say No!  

Choose your tomorrow today. What your children and grandchildren will inherit. How will you look at their eyes, if you fail to protect those natural treasures we were given?

Come on April 21, at 17:00 to the viewing point at Vorobievy Gory.

Bring your friends and your family with you. Every voice counts! Together we can protect Baikal!

Organizers of the protest: Greenpeace, Social-Ecological Union, Druzhina Okhrany Prirody (Students' Environmental Group), and students organization Ya Dumayu.

Download leaflets and posters for the protest:

Leaflet 1 (doc)

Leaflet 2 (doc)

Poster 1(doc, A3)

Poster 2(doc, A3)

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