Adamov Charged with Undermining Russian Nuclear Safety

Press release - 11 May, 2005
May 4, 2005. Moscow. Today in Switzerland Russian former Atomic Energy Minister Yevgeny Adamov was arrested on suspicion of diverting up to $9 million from funds intended to improve Russian nuclear security.

The Russian Government claims not to have money to resettle people suffering from radioactive contamination. Quite possible it was simply diverted into Mr. Adamov`s bank accounts...

"Greenpeace finds the arrest not surprising. Another scandal with Adamov's participation reflects the state of the Russian nuclear complex," Vladimir Chouprov, Greenpeace Russia nuclear campaigner, said. "The ministry is going to transform a country into a radioactive waste dump. This causes corruption, unhealthy social and psychological situation, thefts, accidents at nuclear power plants and other facilities under jurisdiction of the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency".

From mid-90s Adamov supported import of foreign radioactive waste in Russia. In 2001 he contributed to passing the legislation that permitted import of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from foreign nuclear power plants for long time storage.

In March 2001 Adamov was involved in a scandal. The Anti-Corruption Commission of the State Duma published a document that disclosed many facts of corruption among the top management of Minatom - the ministry interested in the project of foreign SNF import. The materials were submitted to the General Prosecutor's Office.

The Commission stated: "The personnel policy of Mr. Adamov as the Russian Atomic Energy Minister and structural changes he initiated… are aimed at commercialization of the Ministry and abuse of its structural divisions… Thus Mr. Adamov not only established a precedent of combining functions of state governing bodies for atomic energy use and state bodies of control over safety of atomic energy and exceeded his jurisdiction provided by the legislation, but he also demonstrated tendency to monopolistic management in his own interests".

As a result Yevgeny Adamov left his post of the Minister and in 2002, strange as it is, he took the position of an adviser to the Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation.

Greenpeace calls upon the governments of Western countries not to support numerous dangerous initiatives of the management of the Russian Atomic Agency. Among these are: organization of an international nuclear repository in the Russian territory and sale of floating nuclear power plants with weapons uranium to South-Eastern Asia.

Greenpeace once again calls on the government of the Russian Federation with a demand to reconsider the energy strategy of the country, to refuse of further development of nuclear energy and to switch to energy saving an development of renewable energy.

For further information please contact Ivan Blokov and Vladimir Chouprov from Greenpeace Russia: 257 4116/18/22/24