Saint Petersburg Musicians Collected Ten Cubic Meters of Waste

Press release - 4 August, 2005
Russian Federation – August 1, 2005, Saint Petersburg. This weekend a bard song festival “Lampushka” took place not far from the village of Sosnovo. On this anniversary more than 400 guests of the festival together with Greenpeace activists cleaned the coast of the lake with the same name from litter. Among the participants were such famous musicians as Mikhail Novitsky (SP Babai group), Alex Fedechko-Matskevich and other authors and singers.

Mikhail Novitsky (SP Babai band)

The activity has been held in the framework of the bard song festival "Lampushka" for the fifth year already. This year, thanks to Greenpeace initiative, all litter was collected separately and taken for reprocessing, not to a waste dump. More than 10 cubic meters of "clear" waste were collected from the area of about 2 square kilometers. As a result, more than 2 kilometers of the lake's coast, where Vladimir Vysotsky gave his forest concert in 1972, were turned into their original state.

"Reprocessing is the safest from the environmental point of view method of waste management. First, it prevents emission of toxic chemicals from waste into the environment (which happens during incineration and ground disposal); second, it ensures considerable economy of natural resources", said Igor Babanin, Greenpeace coordinator of separate waste collection project.

"Lampushka", organized by SP Babai group, was planned as a festival of bards literally, as it was worded by Vysotsky. "Bard song", irrespective of a music style. The key feature of it is that authors sing their songs themselves. All authors who stand for the pure genre were asked to participate. This year they also stood for the clean environment.

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The energy to produce an aluminum can from natural materials (bauxites) is enough for 4 hours of a computer's work. Production of the same can from scrap-iron (secondary materials) takes 20 times less energy; furthermore, air pollution is reduced by 95%, water pollution - by 97%.

Greenpeace project on separate collection of domestic waste was launched in Saint Petersburg on November 6, 2002. Then in the ground with garbage containers at the address: 39 Nalichnaya str. first containers for separate waste collection were installed. Today there are more than 80 such grounds already and the project is winning more and more new supporters.