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Halaman | 8 Februari, 2010 di 13:50

Jadilah Suara. Jadilah Solusi. Mari Beraksi.

Pots and traps

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:41

Pots, traps or ‘creels’ include a variety of designs that take the form of cages or baskets with one or more openings or entrances, with or without bait. They are usually set on the seabed, either singly or in rows, and are connected by ropes...


Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:41

Hook-and-line is a general term used for a range of fishing methods that employ short fishing lines with hooks in one form or another (as opposed to long-lines). It includes hand-lines, hand-reels, powered reels, rod/pole-and-line, drop lines,...

Bottom long-lines

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:42

Long-lines consist of short lines (called snoods) carrying hooks, attached at regular intervals to a longer main line that is laid on, or close to, the seabed. Main lines are up to 150 km long and can carry several thousand hooks.

Pelagic gillnets

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:42

Pelagic gillnets or ‘set nets’ are fine-filament nets that are kept at or below the surface by numerous floats and weights and held in position by anchors. If a fish’s head goes through the net but its body can’t follow, it is ‘gilled’ or...

Purse seines

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:43

Fish are encircled by a large ‘wall’ of net, which is then brought together to retain the fish by using a line at the bottom that enables the net to be closed like a purse.

Pelagic trawls

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:43

The front net sections are often made of very large meshes or ropes, which herd the fish towards the back of the funnel-shaped net. Pelagic trawls may be towed by one or two (pair trawl) boats.

Beam trawls

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:44

A type of bottom trawl in which the horizontal opening of the net is provided by a heavy beam mounted at each end on guides or skids that travel along the seabed. On sandy or muddy bottoms, a series of ‘tickler’ chains are strung between the...


Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:44

Similar to a beam trawl, a dredge consists of a rugged triangular steel frame and tooth-bearing bar, behind which a mat of linked steel rings is secured. A heavy netting cover joins the sides and back of this mat to form a bag in which the catch...

Fin whale

Halaman | 15 Januari, 2009 di 21:53

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