Community takes action to restore Kampar forests, calls for Government support

Siaran Pers - 21 Juni, 2010
Greenpeace, Jikalahari and Community Forum to Protect Kampar Peninsula (FMPKS) unveiled a nursery of indigenous plants and trees at the re-launch of the "Community Camp for Kampar Protection" at a colorful ceremony in Teluk Meranti village in the Riau Province of Sumatra today.

The camp (previously known as the Climate Defenders' Camp) that was set on fire by unidentified miscreants in March, has been rebuilt by  the Teluk Meranti community to continue its campaign to stop the destruction of carbon-rich peatland forests of Kampar. The seedling will be used to re-forest, regenerate and restore the fragile eco-system.

"The reopening of this camp is proof of our commitment to protect our forests, that are being rapidly destroyed by short-sighted companies, depriving us of our traditional livelihood and causing massive carbon emissions due to destruction of the peatlands. Today we are calling on our government to honour their promise to help us protect and restore  these forests for our survival and for the sake of our children and future generations," said Deli Saputra, Leader of the Community Forum to Protect Kampar Peninsula (FMPKS).

"Companies like RAPP continue to destroy forests and peatlands across Sumatra, in Kampar, Kerumutan, Bukit Tigapuluh, Jambi, Sumatra Selatan,making a mockery of President Yudhoyono's emission reduction targets. Therefore it is important that the recently announced moratorium on deforestation by the Indonesian Government must include all existing concessions in these peatlands, and the authorities must review all current permits and put an immediate stop to all forest clearance here and now." said Zulfahmi, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Forest Campaigner.

Last year Greenpeace built the climate defenders camp to highlight the role of deforestation in driving climate change. Greenpeace activists from all over the world, working with the people of Teluk Meranti and local NGOs, staged non-violent direct actions to stop RAPP's ongoing clearance, which resulted in the Minister of Forestry suspending the company's deforestation permits.

However, the Minister recently allowed RAPP operations to restart in the Kampar and the company is currently clearing peat forests to the south of the Peninsula. As a result RAPP's Smartwood FSC Certification has been suspended as they do not meet the required environmental and social standards. The government has yet to take action.

Jikalahari Coordinator, Susanto said that the destruction of Kampar's forests is illegal because, according to Indonesia law No.26/2007 and Government Regulation No.26/2008, Kampar Peninsula is a protected area. "Jikalahari urge the government to enforce the law and take action to stop ongoing forest destruction. Jikalahari will continue to help the community defend their livelihoods from destructive company activities," Susanto said.

"If President Yudhoyono's Government takes strong action in Kampar to enforce the moratorium, this will send a clear signal to Norway, who have already committed US$1 billion for forest protections funds, as well as to other potential donor countries, that Indonesia is serious about stopping deforestation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding community livelihoods and rich biodiversity," concluded Zulfahmi.

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