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Greenpeace urges the G8 to 'heal the world'

Feature story | July 8, 2009 at 6:00

Early this morning, over 100 Greenpeace activists from 15 countries occupied four coal-fired power stations across Italy, demanding that the G8 Heads of State meeting in L'Aquila take decisive leadership on climate change.

G8 countries urged to act

Feature story | July 7, 2009 at 6:00

On the eve of the G8 summit in Italy - our activists have been beaming a message on the Kremlin and floating a life-sized iceberg past the Eiffel tower to call for urgent action from world leaders to save the climate.

On-street venues for July

Blog entry by Ten Derillo | July 6, 2009 1 comment

This July, our on-street campaigners will hit the following busy places so better be there if you haven't been able to sign up as a Greenpeace supporter the past few months: July 4 Kusina Salud July 9-18, 2009 ...

Rainbow Warriors - past, present and future

Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | July 3, 2009 6 comments

SV Rainbow Warrior in full sail between Majuro and Ebeye in the Marshall Islands. From Making Waves We are excited about the creation of a new Greenpeace ship - the Rainbow Warrior III . Having just signed a contract for the...

A requiem to Louder Than Words...

Blog entry by Chuck Baclagon | July 2, 2009 1 comment

A screenshot of the now defunct Louder Than Words Forum This morning I was informed by a fan of Greenpeace Philippines' Facebook page, that the Louder Than Words Community has been taken down by the start of July. Below is...

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