Questions about Greenpeace membership

Page - June 23, 2006

TV host and movie star Rica Peralejo gives her all out support for Greenpeace’s Star Power for Clean Power Campaign.

How can I become a Greenpeace Supporter if there is no Greenpeace office in my country?

Supporter Services at Greenpeace International runs the membership service for our supporters who live in countries where we do not have an office. You can find the subscription form by clicking on the Join button in the upper-right hand corner of this screen. You might also meet other Greenpeace supporters from your country at the Cyberactivist Centre

I want to contact someone about my donation to Greenpeace.

If you have a query about your donation, please send an email to



stating your name and address and supporter ID ( if you know it).

I do not want to make my donation to Greenpeace by credit card, are there other ways in which I can make my donation?

It is also possible to send your donation by post. Cheques or postal orders can be sent to:


Greenpeace Southeast Asia (Thailand)

C 202 Monririn Bldg., 60/1 Soi Salom

Paholyothin 8) Samsen-nai,

Phyathai, Bangkok 10400


Tel: (662) 2727100-2; 6168170

Fax:(662) 2714342


Greenpeace Southeast Asia (Philippines)

Unit 329 Eagle Court Condominium,

#26 Matalino St.

Bgy. Central, Diliman

1100 Quezon City

the Philippines

Tel: (632) 4347034

Fax: (632) 4347035

I cannot afford to make a donation to Greenpeace, but I want to help and receive regular information about Greenpeace. What else can I do?

Log in regularly to the Cyberactivist section of our website at to participate in Greenpeace online campaign activities.

Add something to the sig file on your email with a campaign message and a link to a cyberaction. If you make your message really interesting or funny or provocative and change it regularly, people will read it and follow the link. This way, every time you send an email to a friend, you ask somebody else to join in an action.

Make your own newsletter -- ask your friends to sign up and create a distribution list. Send them all or part of the Cyberactivist newsletter and add on other environmental actions from other websites.

Do you have a webiste of your own? Put a Greenpeace banner up -- . See a site where you think a greenpeace banner belongs? Ask the webmaster to post one, and send him or her the link above.

Visit relevant newsgroup and chatrooms and ask people if they've taken action yet. Talk up the issues and get others informed and involved --send them links to e-cards, petitions, and other on-line actions.

Keep your community space home page here at the cybercentre updated with action resources or links to local issues so other cyberactivists can help with things happening in your own town.

Got a local issue that needs attention? Create your own cyberaction and ask the cyberactivists here to help. There's some great information about how to create a campaign at and the Friends of the Earth Guide to Organising and Greenpeace Australia's guide to community activism.

Know something about computers? Help a friend make the Cybercentre or other Greenpeace page the home page on their browser, so they get Greenpeace news every time their browser starts up.

Download a screensaver by looking here and install it on your computer. If you have access rights, install one on the computers at your school, work, or library to remind others of environmental issues. Make the home pages there point to a Greenpeace issue you care about as well.

You'll also find tips for everyday actions you can take for a "greener" lifestyle here at our Greenpeace Canada site. Oh, and don't forget the power you have every time you buy something. Every time you purchase a product, you vote for that product. Are you voting for products which are friendly to the Earth? Are your friends?