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Bearing witness to an injustice means taking responsibility for that awareness.

  • Ecological Economics - The Best New Idea for 2009

    Blogpost by Chuck Baclagon - January 5, 2009 at 15:10

    In the future, economists will return to Earth

    The year 2009 will witness a tsunami of economic appeals to fix, as disgraced Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan put it, the 'flaw' in their thinking. Most will get it wrong.

    The proposals for bailouts... Read more >

  • Where economists fear to go

    Blogpost by Chuck Baclagon - December 16, 2008 at 15:16

    In 1992, World Bank officials handed renowned economist Herman Daly a draft of its "Sustainable Development Report" to review. Daly had written Steady-State Economics in 1977, proposing that economists consider the requirements of ecology.

    Traditionall... Read more >

  • Play Coalfinger, Start an Energy [R]evolution!

    Blogpost by Chuck Baclagon - November 26, 2008 at 14:27

    Whether or not you are a James Bond fan, you are going to love our own special agent Graverson Green who is going to expose the dastardly plot of super villain Coalfinger and his carbon cronies who plan to cover the world in coal-fired power stations ... Read more >

  • Atomic Renaissance Interrupted

    Blogpost by Chuck Baclagon - November 16, 2008 at 15:22

    The nuclear industry has hitched a ride on the climate change bandwagon, proclaiming that nuclear power will solve the world’s global warming and energy problems in one sweeping “nuclear renaissance.”

    As you might expect, there’s a catch. Nuclear energ... Read more >

  • Economy and ecology

    Blogpost by Chuck Baclagon - October 1, 2008 at 14:28

    Global economic systems crash not only because of greed, fraud and toxic assets, but because those systems rest on fallacies about the natural world. The Ponzi scams and derivatives swindles of international bankers are no substitute for real economy:... Read more >

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