Click on the image to join the discussion at Market Manila
Click on the image to join the discussion at Market Manila

I couldn't believe my eyes when I learned last Saturday that Congressman Mark Cojuangco, himself was posting blog comments over at Market Manila Man's blog. To my astonishment he really was (or at least someone representing him), was replying to the folks who've voiced out their concerns over the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

It really seems strange that a food blog that according to has an estimated 120,341  page views per month has suddenly become the battlefield for the hearts and minds of people consensus on the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, and what is particularly amazing about it is the overwhelming number of comments against nukes whom our Cojuangco has answered in very long posts (which a colleague of mine has tried copy+pasting to a .doc file that was 8 pages long at a 9-point typeface).

The issue of nukes goes way beyond that of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, there are more than enough arguments why it is foolish to pursue such madness especially at the face of climate change.

Maybe its high time for all of us also to slug out consensus on the issue of nukes and renewables and more importantly on the issue of standing for or against the future whose ultimate fate will be determined on the choices we will make on not only how we want to source energy but also on how we use it.

But for now there is urgency in addressing nukes for in the coming weeks  will spell the difference between a nuclear disaster and a clean renewable energy future for Filipinos.

The pushers of nuclear energy in congress want to vote on moving forward with the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) before congress closes in the first week of June, with the foolish argument that the outdated and unsafe facility can address both climate change and energy security. Maybe its now high time for us to stand up and make our voice be heard in Congress...

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Chuck Baclagon