Parties, gigs, fashion shows, product launchings, bazaars – I have played part in almost all sorts of events considering the different businesses in various industries I am in. As I planned to introduce my new company that distributes LED products, I was torn on what kind of event I should organize for my launch that would give purpose and justify the mission and vision of the company. Tracing back all the events that I had, I realized that I normally do tie-ups with different organizations or foundations to give a more meaningful purpose to all the events that I handle. With the new company’s background plus the aim for having a purpose, “Voltage” was born. The event was planned to be a go-green advocacy campaign for awareness on how we can help the environment by conserving energy which we were able to invite Department of Energy Undersecretary Jay Layug to make a short speech. A few days before the event proper, I realized that the campaign is missing something, it lacks purpose. Within the few days left, I tried calling several foundations to make a tie-up and waited for each one to give me a reply to accept my offer to have them as a beneficiary for the event. To my surprise, Mr. Mark Dia, the Philippine representative for Greenpeace SEA himself gave me a call to ask more details regarding the event. Before we ended the call, he accepted my offer and made me coordinate with Ms. Nhel Rondeja, the Greenpeace’s resident Community Fundraiser regarding the fundraising event.

I totally had no idea on how I would raise funds for Greenpeace since the event was a non-profit campaign to begin with. Given the little time for preparations, I have decided to just put up a donation box at the registration area where attendees and guests could donate any amount, put up their names in the thank you board and write on our freedom wall, and named this fundraising “A Piece for Greenpeace”.

To my surprise, a lot of the attendees supported this fundraising even if they didn’t have any idea what Greenpeace really is. Some wrote their names to be posted on the thank you board, but some opted to stay anonymous. I was quite nervous that I wouldn’t be able to raise enough funds to be donated to Greenpeace which pushed me to carry the box around the venue while the event was ongoing to ask the other guests to donate any amount to help future projects in saving the environment.

Even if “A Piece for Greenpeace” was prepared with last minute strategies, I think that we were able to raise a good amount to be donated to Greenpeace. However, I was expecting more donations but we had a slight dilemma during the event when guests started asking what kind of an organization Greenpeace really is. We were able to explain the overall background of the organization but we weren’t equipped with the proper tools to really explain the deeper side of it.

As an entrepreneur and an event organizer, it surely was a learning experience since it was our first time to organize a campaign and have an environment-related organization as our beneficiary. I normally get organizations linked to development in education or helping sick and orphan children. With a different bracket of expectations, we weren’t that prepared, which is why I am planning to have more projects with Greenpeace in the coming months. I have no idea as of the moment as to how I would be organizing these events but I will make sure that the next one will be more prepared and polished.

In behalf of the Lightworks Philippines family and the people behind Voltage, I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who supported the event and shared a piece for Greenpeace. The amount raised will definitely be used for a great purpose and we are hoping to be able to have more projects and events with Greenpeace and serve the common purpose, to save the environment.