Why do you blog?

Indeed why does one blog?

I believe we blog because we long to have extensions of ourselves. We blog because we have stories to tell. The same could be said of Greenpeace, because more than an environmental organization Greenpeace is a movement that's made up of individuals who believe that: "When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can't eat money..."

That basically sums up why we exists as individuals who take the issue of the environment as a personal matter. Because behind the non-violent direct actions, the lobbying and the research work that we do, we are just a ragtag group of ecologists, visionaries, activists, parents, internet junkies, outdoor enthusiasts and ordinary folks who have been captured by the North American Cree Indian legend, that described a time when humanity's greed has made the Earth sick. At that time, a tribe of people known as the Warriors of the Rainbow would rise up to defend her.

This blog hopes to tell the story of the people that makes up Greenpeace, manifesting our  hopes, struggles and victories in this miniscule space in the World Wide Web, screaming at the nothingness and pondering the meaning of living life for what the late Oscar Romero calls, 'a future not our own'.

We invite you to jump onboard our virtual Rainbow Warrior as we chart our journey as a collective of kindred souls that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

- Chuck Baclagon