From Greenpeace: Making Waves

It's always nice when people agree with you. We've maintained that nuclear power is a dangerous distraction to the real solutions to the climate crisis for a long time now. It's dirty, it's unsafe, it's a threat to world peace and it is terribly, terribly expensive.

Now, Al Gore, who's sometimes been on the other side of this argument has come round to our position. Because, as he notes, even if you assume problems with safety and waste can be overcome, it just doesn't make sense economically.

Over at our Nuclear Reaction weblog we've been chronicling the meltdown of the nuclear industry for a while now. Last year the number of nuclear reactors connected to the world's electricity grids fell by one. In January this year two more were removed, while the next reactor scheduled to go online is the Iranian build in Bushehr, a project which almost no-one outside Iran wants to see proceed.

Meanwhile China builds a wind turbine every two hours. What looks like the technology of the 21st century to you?

Martin Lloyd