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“The obligation to endure gives us the right to know” – Rachel Carson

This afternoon Greenpeace, joined the broad movement of individuals and organizations calling on the present administration to muster the political will to pass the Freedom of Information Act into law.

We believe that the public's right to know is essential to foster greater government accountability and transparency, especially in policies that relate to projects that impact communities and the environment.

The right to know allows the public to know more about projects or activities that may adversely affect their health and environment. It helps foster public participation in areas like scrutinizing environmental impact assessments on development projects like securing permits for coal plants, for industries to disclose hazardous chemicals in their production line and in areas where corporate interests have the tendency to rule over concerns related to preserving biodiversity and the risk of contaminating our food supply.

If signed into law the Freedom of Information Act makes producers become more accountable to their stakeholders. It increases transparency and accountability of government in decision-making, because democratic progress requires the ready availability of true and complete information.  And to do otherwise is to  allow despotic secrecy to rein over policy that might impact us, the environment and ultimately the future to whom we owe the obligation to usher in a safer and healthier planet.