Christmas is again just around the corner and, for many, it comes as a festive season of joy.  Yet in our time, the reality of environmental destruction undermines the joy that the season brings, especially in the midst of climate change.  The festive season comes at a high price, as it is obscured by pollution, and the beauty of many manifestations of life is disfigured by our destructive habits of consumption: most of us will travel to different places, eat ostentatiously, buy and receive gifts with excessive packaging, and join in other revelry filled with practices that raise our individual carbon foot prints, which ultimately contribute to global warming.

But below is a useful link that may help us bring down our carbon emissions while still celebrating Christmas and hopefully start the proverbial snowball rolling on new low-carbon traditions:


Post messages to tell us how some of these ideas work out for you, and if you have additional ideas to share!  Happy Holidays!