Earth Hour has become an expression of unanimity and solidarity for a more sustainable path to progress, with millions of people across the globe taking part in the initiative every year.


However, we here are hopeful that maybe in the near future, something like Earth Hour would no longer be needed in reminding the world of the need to take action and seize the opportunity of turning the world upside-down by changing the way we live and for paving the way for systems that prioritizes sustainability and meaningful change for a world that badly needs climate action.

That's why this Earth Hour, we chose to call upon the government to implement the Renewable Energy Law, as it is one of the most concrete steps that we can take for a massive shift to renewable energy and energy efficiency measures that would wean the country away from the rising costs of fossil fuels as well as in paving the way for a renewable energy future.

Of course we cannot do this alone that's why we are counting on you to stand with us in not only committing to do simple acts of energy efficiency but also in calling for an Energy [R]evolution that  offers a sustainable path to quit dirty, dangerous fuels by transitioning to renewable energy. Together, let us show our commitment to sustainability & environmental action, and move beyond the hour expressing our personal commitment to living more sustainably and demanding renewable energy.