It was a bright and sunny Sunday at the BGY10 tent. The sight and feel of children all eager and excited to play a part in the day’s Doodle Earth Eco-kids Club activity was very uplifting. The exhaustion I felt from restless nights seemed to have disappeared while I was there waiting.

Ate Teepee and Kuya Tomas of Redroot Artists cooperative explained the day’s activity. The kids will be painting their personal interpretation of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal power with the use of different colors and brush strokes, and I was curious to see what the kids would do.

As a wandered around looking at their paintings, a little girl wearing a shirt with the words “Why I’m awesome” caught my attention. Soon I started to re-create a whole new scene in my mind. This little girl around the age of 9 is here today, taking part in a Greenpeace activity, recognizing the need to help and take care of the planet by using her creativity to channel her concern. (The happiness within started to spread to my ears, my heart, my tummy all the way to my toes!) I could see her interpretation of the world being expressed through her own eyes, her hands, her strokes, her imagination and her heart. It was a lovely sight.

I grabbed my camera and took a snapshot of her. We were both smiling at each other as minutes passed. And then it dawned on me, every kid there must have had the same kind of eagerness. Though they might not really be fully aware of what is happening in terms of specific, scientific details, (like most adults who choose to be indifferent) they at least knew that something was wrong with the planet.

Still, as kids would normally have it, their optimism and positive energy shone through. Their works of art exuded vibrant colors, the concentration and patience payed off, and as an onlooker, I was there happy, thrilled and impressed.

It was a beautiful day. I was grateful to remember why I help and why a group such as Greenpeace works so hard to do what they do. It was also for these kids so they could have the same vibrant and positive world not just as a painted vision but as a reality.

Redroot Artists Cooperative spearheaded various art activities for kids at the recent 2-day Greenpeace event at the Harbor Square in Manila. The group taught kids about the importance of the environment through art, turning recycled materials into beautiful works of art, face painting to learn the value of biodiversity and painted their own versions of renewable energy. After that, they painted their vision of the Rainbow Warrior which they later gave to the crew as thanks and appreciation for visiting the Philippines and inspiring everyone to be representatives of positive change for the planet. It was a truly colorful and fun-filled weekend where kids ranging from 4 to their teens (with their family) participated to share their advocacy for a cleaner and sustainable future.