Unlike any other day in the year…

…By the multitudes they rise…

…With clenched fist and arms raised in futile resistance they march…

...and ultimately changed the world.

Today is the 1st of May: Labor Day which has its origins in the labor union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

Today, globally workers, labor unions and organizations will hold mass protests in major cities, to celebrate the past; come to grips with the present challenges; and more importantly to chart their way forward as a movement grounded on equality and recognition of the indispensable cogs that powers the machine of production.

Today, as environmentalists, we are challenged with the need to stand in solidarity in upholding the rights of workers, as they are our comrades in our common cause for a green and peaceful future.

Today also reminds us that the environment encompasses the space "where we live, work, and play," thus challenging us with the need to integrate social justice in our work of protecting the environment.

Today, even as I write this countless workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals, rendered vulnerable in their harsh working environments which now dares us to really think out of the box by looking at possibilities on how we can pitch-in in redesigning industrial production processes so that pollution is prevented, not merely the escape of pollutants, but the very concept of industrial waste.

Today, we need to remember that our work as environmentalists is not distinct from efforts to enhance economic justice and political power for marginalized communities. 

Today, challenges us to never consider environmental issues separate from social justice because we are ultimately are on the same boat –the planet that we call Earth, our home.