Greenpeace participates in the Earth Day adventure race organized by the Laguna Lake Development Authority

Last weekend we fielded a racing team to the Laguna Lake Adventure Race organized by the Laguna Lake Development Authority. The Race was organized to highlight the importance of Laguna Lake and its tributaries to the whole ecosystem as well as promote tourism. Our objectives in joining the race was to raise the profile of the Greenpeace Water Patrol and use it as a venue for raising awareness on water pollution.

Team Greenpeace

We had two teams. Team 1 was involved in the race itself with Totoy as the team captain of the team of 5 volunteers with Roda taking care of logistics support for them. The 2nd team was involved in the education (IEC) aspect which included a photo exhibit with the Water Patrol and leafletting.

Greenpeace Water Patrol booth
Beau Baconguis