There was once was a tourist who went to a small town to see the sights. Seeing a large crowd congregating by the town cockpit, he heads toward it. Not having seen an actual cockfight in his life, he was excited to finally witness one.

At the cockpit, he was bewildered to see a duck as one of the entries in the matches. He was informed by a man beside him that their town was run by a powerful mafia. It was so powerful that even the town Mayor was at its beck and call. The duck, the tourist is told, was owned by the town’s powerful mafia!

The tourist left the cockpit amazed at what he had just learned. He went on his way exploring the town. He was not surprised later on to hear that the duck had won the cock derby.

The struggle against coal and mining in Malita is like having a duck owned by a powerful mafia in a cock derby. We are up against the duck owners, San Miguel Corporation, through its subsidiaries SMC Global Power Corporation for coal and Legenda Mines, Inc. for mining.

Malita has no future in these projects; it will irreversibly destroy Malita’s environment and drive out the Tagakaulo from their ancestral lands! Everybody knows this but those who stand to benefit financially from the project are praising to the highest heavens the blessings that San Miguel Corporation has graciously bestowed on the town that the people who see the obvious can barely be heard. But not for long!

People are mustering their strength collectively, in and out of Malita, to show San Miguel Corporation and its cheering squad that a duck has no place in a cock derby!