I remember reading somewhere that “noise is the hammer of oppression and the mirror of the oppressed...”

I believe it was written in a now defunct website that speaks of how rock music can serve as a reflection of a generation’s discontent with the status quo.

However, I find the phrase quite fitting when one speaks about how Pinoy bands have been jumping onboard our Energy [R]evolution bandwagon. The Energy [R]evolution is a rallying call to all of us to have a vision of a greener and peaceful future. It is about sharing the vision of a revolutionary way of producing, distributing and consuming our precious energy, in such a way that it would promote equity, lessen C02 emissions and push forward for a more sustainable way to live –a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.

In conjunction with this push several of them have given their voice by speaking on our behalf and not to mention are gathering support for our work in Asking President Aquino to sign on to 50% renewable energy by 2020

May the resounding noise of their instruments be a rallying call for all of us to join the [R]evolution.

The clock is ticking while world leaders argue with each other on who should be making concrete carbon reduction commitments first. If the Philippines, one of the countries most vulnerable and least prepared to deal with climate change, is first to make a solid commitment, this sends out a very strong, urgent message to world leaders that they should be getting their acts together quickly.  President Aquino should be the man to send such a message.