Who would have thought that popsicles, those favourite childhood summer treats, would help three children save the world? If you’d said that to us a few weeks ago, we would have scoffed and laughed at the very idea, but we’re not laughing now. 

What changed our minds, you ask? A few weeks ago, three children came to the Greenpeace office in Quezon City and handed us P4,865.00 in cash which they had raised by selling popsicles at their school. While we stood there flabbergasted, they told us their community fundraising story.

It all started when Rachel (11), Aida (11), and Dominique (10) of the German International School of Manila (GISM) were asked to choose a topic for their science project.  All three of them agreed that they wanted to work on water pollution issues. “I chose it because I really care about how much fresh water we’re going to have years and years from now, and I really want to know more about water pollution,” said Rachel. “I think it’s a very interesting thing.” 

With their topic chosen, the three were off and running, doing research work and analysing the data that they were able to gather. Their online research work on water pollution turned up Greenpeace’s website, and what they read there inspired them to take action.

“Water pollution really needs to be stopped, because we’re not going to have enough fresh water for us to drink,” said Aida. “It’s really bad for birds and marine life, oil especially.”

They all felt a strong need to do something to help fight the problem of water pollution, so they decided to get together and sell popsicles at their school for the benefit of Greenpeace.  The idea of a popsicle sale was actually Rachel’s mom’s idea, but the children thought it was great and ran away with it. “We sold them for P35.00 each,” said Dominique. 

“We sold them for three days,” said Rachel. At first, people didn’t really want to buy any, so they had to explain the issue to potential buyers. “We had a sign that said ‘Help us raise money to give to Greenpeace’,” said Aida. After that, their sales went through the roof.

The children said that they chose Greenpeace because the organization was doing a lot to help save the planet’s freshwater supply for future generations. Instead of feeling helpless, they went ahead and took matters into their own hands. 

“We can help save the (world’s) freshwater. It’s not going to be a lot of help, but it’s still help,” said Rachel, and we agree wholeheartedly. In the fight to save the planet, every little bit counts. The key is to actually take the initiative and take positive action. To some people, selling popsicles may not seem like much, but to others, it could mean the world.

Thank you, Aida, Rachel, and Dominique! 

You can do it, too! Download the Greenpeace Community Fundraising Toolkit here.