"Not in our backyard!" was the common sentiment of the mass that gathered in the prayer rally against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Under normal circumstances no one would bathe in the heat of noon. Noontime here in the Philippines temperatures rise to almost 30+ degrees celsius, no one who's in their right mind would expose themselves in such heat - not unless there's a truly legitimate reason for it. That may be the case for the people of Bataan.

Considering the fact that their hometown, the place where they live and earn a living and raise up their families under threat from the so-called 'monster of Morong,' all because of a handful of politicians railroading the operationalization of a derelict nuclear power plant in a geologically active area. That would explain why scorching afternoon heat had little effect on detering the already determined people of Bataan from voicing out their cry against nukes.

As I stand in the middle of this crowd under the blazing afternoon sun. I feel at one with them in their cry against nukes.

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Chuck Baclagon