Well, it's been a while. This "prelude to a wrap-up" has taken some time. Thankfully Bengkers managed to get a nice post from her friend, Giselle, which you can browse in the post just before this one. As thanks, were posting a nice sunset pic for Giselle from young ones at the historic site of Angkor Wat, standing up (and sitting down) for their future.

There were questions before as to whether, after the Nairobi climate negotiations end, we should also conclude the Cool The Planet blog. Everything should have an ending, but apparently, according to some letter writers, there's little reason to bring our little conversation to a close. One said, we've managed to connect disparate approaches made from distant lands on a common topic, which is no mean feat. Another wrote asking why the frequency of posts went down when the colors had just begun to get interesting.

What to do? Right now, it's hard to say. All conversations come to an end when the number of voices dwindle to one or some, or none, which of course says that it's all up to us to say whether everyone moves on or not. It's been a tiring one month push, in truth, and friends in Metro Manila have been busy seeding the minds of many in their work to get both houses of the Philippine legislature not just to adopt a renewable energy bill but to pass a definitive one that is actually useful and strong. We still hope of course that one or some of them will find time to actually share what they've been up to along with the fruits they have picked up along the way, particularly the inside stories, the funnies and the odd piece of news.

While we wait for their consideration, why not share your thoughts on the questions below? Give 'em a try...

1. Did his reindeers go on strike or has Santa Claus joined the Animal Liberation Front and freed his brown bucks?

2. What does Ellen Ripley -- that bad mama nemesis of the xenomorph Alien -- have in common with an angelic coffee barista?

3. What is that one thought that could make both Rep. Neric Acosta (Bukidnon) and young TV host Juddha Paolo beam like toothpaste commercial models?

4. Name each member of the Bad Bananas -- and give each of their nicknames (if more than one, please list these down too...), particularly the Banana who now speaks the inconvenient truth.

Stumped? Scroll down for clues...

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1. We're really not sure about the reindeers issue but Santa Claus did join environmental group Greenpeace for a bike, run and walk for "climate and clean energy campaign" inside a campus park in suburban Manila, 26 November 2006. Greenpeace is holding a series of activities and a massive shift to clean and renewable energy to stop climate change and to campaign for a stronger renewable energy bill. JOEL NITO/AFP/Getty Images

2. They are both champions of critical environmental campaigns. Here is The Angel (with Philippine Senate president and clean energy advocate Manny Villar) and The Alien Bully (at the UN protesting against destructive fishing practices. Click here for more info on Angel Aquino's quickie coffee-making stint and find out more about Sigourney Weaver's fight here.

3. Here is what makes Juddha and Neric smile.

4. The Baddest Goodest Banana.