Greenpeace releases new True Food Shoppers Guide

Tops Supermarket, Ajinomoto and Tipco have non-GMO policies

Feature story - September 27, 2005
22 September 2005 – Greenpeace today released a new version of the True Food Shopping Guide, a booklet that lists food products which contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their ingredients and companies which have policies to avoid GMOs.

Shopper Guide 48

Six companies have been added to the Green list – meaning they have official policies not to use GMOs in their food products. They are Tops Supermarket, Ajinomoto, Tipco F&B, A-ngoon vegetable oil, Xangdar Thai Organic Food and Thai Cereals World. A total of 67 leading food companies in Thailand are currently in the Green list.


Companies in the Black list – those who use GMOs in their food products – include Nestle, Berli Jucker, Betagro, Olean, Cook, Kraft Food (Thailand), Kasetsart Univ, Lotus Supermarkets, and Makro.


Thailand’s weak labeling law remains a threat to consumers who are demanding food that are not GMO-contaminated.  GMOs have never been proven safe for human consumption and may pose environmental risks. 


“The True Food Shoppers Guide allows consumers to say no to GE foods. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly at risk of unknowingly eating food that contain GMO ingredients. The Thai labeling law is very weak and does not protect the right of the public to say no to food with GMOs,” said Patwajee Srisuwan, genetic engineering campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.


Thailand’s labeling law is one of weakest around the world. The Thai Labeling Regulation, enacted in 2002, requires labels on food products with GMO contamination of 5 percent or higher, and requires that only the 3 main ingredients of food products be tested for GMO contamination. It also has a major loophole: only GMO soya and GMO corn are covered, ignoring all other GMO food crops.


“Greenpeace demands that the Ministry of Public Health require labels on all food containing 1 percent GMOs or higher.  Thai consumers must be empowered by very strict labeling laws,” said Patwajee.


The True Food Shoppers Guide is available free of charge Nai-in bookstores, Se-ed bookstores, B2S and cane be downloaded from Consumers can also send in requests to PO Box 9, Sanampao Post Office  Bangkok 10406 or thru the GMO hotline 02-6168170.


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