Reasons to Detox Levi's

  1. Truth: Levi's jeans and t-shirts have been found to contain hazardous chemicals which break down in the environment to form toxic pollution.
  2. Hope: Levi's Water>less jeans initiative shows that they know how precious clean water is.
  3. Urgency: Toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals have been found in the waterways where Levi's's suppliers discharge their wastewater.
  4. Scale: Levi's is the world's largest jeans company, with suppliers around the world. If they Detox, it will make a big difference to people everywhere.
  5. Know-how: Levi's Strauss & Co. already has a chemical policy, but it is focused on managing hazardous chemicals, not eliminating them. This is a company with the expertise to become a true leader, and not a green-washer.


They say you can tell next season's hottest trend by looking at the colour of the rivers in Mexico and China. That's because global fashion brands like Levi's are using hazardous chemicals and dyes to make our clothes.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Thanks to global People Power, we were able to convince Zara, the world’s largest fashion retailer, to commit to work with their suppliers and clean up their toxic water pollution.

Levi's is the world's biggest jeans producer, but they have yet to make a credible and ambitious commitment to Detox.

This is their time to give a damn. To be daring. To be a leader. To take a stand. To live the truth.

Join fashion-lovers, activists, models and designers in demanding Levi's Go Forth and Detox!