The Water Patrol Expedition is a series of high-profile events that will showcase the Water Patrol working with communities and the different publics to highlight the fact that the public is exposed to hazardous chemicals in their environment through the water without their knowledge. The twin messages of the expedition are:

  • Eliminate hazardous chemicals; and
  • The public has the right to know.

The latest updates


Heavy metals and other contaminants in bottom ash and fly ash generated by...

Publication | September 1, 2001 at 6:00

In June and October 1999, Greenpeace International visited the municipal and medical waste incinerator complex near Phuket, Thailand, both in order to collect samples of incinerator ashes stored on site for chemical analysis. This reports reveals...

Wasting and Recycling in Metro Manila

Publication | September 1, 2001 at 6:00

A report offering an outline of a solid waste management strategy for Metropolitan Manila. This strategy places precedence on disposal reduction through waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting.

Common Effluent Treatment Plants Don't Work

Publication | August 14, 2001 at 6:00

The following report poses questions and answers to expose why CETPs do not work. They also make an argument for stopping all further investments in this ineffective technology and focus instead on real solution that take us on the path to clean...

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