Oceans Campaigner

Job - September 9, 2011
The campaigner will serve as the Greenpeace representative on Oceans issues in Southeast Asia. He/she will work towards the goals of Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Oceans campaigns with the framework of Greenpeace’s overall objectives. In certain situations, as determined by external events and upon the recommendation of the Campaign Director and/or nominated alternative, the Campaigner is expected to move between issues and campaigns as needed.

It is expected that at least 80% of the campaigner’s time will be spent in the Philippines.  The Campaigner is also expected to work with other national and regional offices, as required.

Main responsibilities:

1. In conjunction with the Campaigner Director or nominated alternative, develop and implement campaign work and projects in line with both short and long term goals for the ocean campaign based on national and international objectives and including detailed strategy, activities, timelines and budgets:

  • Take the lead in the implementation of Oceans campaign strategies and tactics developed to achieve goals and objectives,  and assist in public out reach activities for campaign strategies
  • Participate in campaign discussion and planning regarding strategic issues and event planning within GPSEA, with other Greenpeace offices and with GPI. This will include both written and verbal discussion as well as attendance at specific meetings.
  • Keep Campaign Director and/or designated representative informed of activities in the campaign (including preparation of monthly reports and work plans) and recommend changes in tactics, or strategies as necessary.
  • Participate in regular progress reviews and end-point evaluations of ocean campaign/projects.
  • Co-ordinate information flow within the Campaign Department  to other Departments, and with relevant GPI units.
  • Organize and oversee the work of ocean campaign/project volunteers, interns and  short-term contractees where directed.

2. Assist the Campaign Director or nominated alternative in the designing and implementation of strategies to educate and mobilize various targeted constituencies and the general public about oceans issues and Greenpeace goals;

  • Maintain a working knowledge of technical information and be able to present the information to a variety of audiences within and outside the Philippines in language they can understand.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of political, legislative, regulatory and economic frameworks relevant to the campaign.
  • Build alliances and/or support relationships with relevant affected groups, grassroots organizations, academic and professional groups, labour and others as identified in strategic planning.
  • Develop or assist in the development of fact sheets and other information.
  • Work with the Press Officer in preparing press releases and assist in planning media strategies for the campaign, act as spokesperson for the campaign, and develop pro-active relationships with relevant media to increase campaign outreach.
  • Represent Greenpeace and the campaign at relevant public events, activist meetings/groups, political decision makers, local citizens and other affected communities.

3. Direct, organize and participate in non-violent direct action to support and advance campaign goals and organization objectives.

4. Perform other job-related duties as requested or assigned by Campaigns Director or nominated alternative.

5. Specific work-plans will be amended each year.

Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position, and  fill-up application form  which you can download from below and email by the closing date to:

Deadline of applications:  April 2, 2012

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