Regional Data Analyst and Database Manager

Job - April 23, 2013
The Regional Data Analyst and Database Manager, in consultation with the Mass Mobilization Director is responsible to develop data management for our grassroots and online organizing and mass mobilization strategies. He/she will develop systems to input, monitor, track supporter behavior to support other Mass Mobilization staff focus on supporter engagement and development.

He/she will be working with other data specialists in the Fundraising Department to provide data analysis in support of our mass mobilization and fundraising work.

He/she will be researching global best practice within your discipline, building key strategic relationships with other specialists “data for campaigning” including the Greenpeace Global Digital Mobilization Lab to ensure we are able to meet our external impact targets and internal growth and strengthening objectives for GPSEA and the movement we support.

Key Duties

  • Analyze and evaluate existing data base systems.
  • Develop, manage and maintain databases and database systems
  • Maintain and upgrade hardware and software by assessing transaction processing and database production options.
  • Collaborate with external service providers to design database systems for our email program, social network platforms and other interactive communications with our supporter base / clients.
  • Develop protocols for data dissemination and access
  • Collaborate with the Fundraising Data staff to maintain seamless integration of databases between the department and the Mass Mobilization Department.
  • Design and prepare reports based on management requirements through data capture and retrieval systems.
  • Develop and design  training and information manuals for use by all levels of staff and stakeholders regarding the databases and database systems
  • Deliver training and mentor staff in the use of the databases and database information
  • Collaborate with Information Technology and Communications Unit to ensure hardware is maintained to perform to the required standards
  • Analyze website and social media data and analytics
  • Collaborate with external service providers to ensure software is updated and maintained to perform to the required standards
  • Collaborate with volunteers and staff to populate the databases with initial datasets
  • Manage data capture of data sets into all databases with the Volunteer Coordinator, Activism Coordinator and New Media Coordinator
  • Ensure meticulous and secure archiving of all data from internal, national and regional programs and surveys
  • Create and maintain contacts with (actual and potential) information and data partners by participating in meetings and forums relating to planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide data and information to Mass Mobilization staff, management, consultants, partners and other interested parties as per instruction from management.
  • Collaborate with the Regional Digital and Graphic Designer to produce data visualization reporting for management.
  • Advise management on data analysis reports
  • Review data needs on regular basis
  • Provide ongoing Mass Mobilization staff support as issues arise
  • Establish regular monitoring procedures to evaluate use and effectiveness
  • Participate actively in the annual planning process, including developing and executing individual work plans, evaluating and providing feedback on plans

Key responsibilities

1. Expertise in data management theory and practice

  • Build a growing bank of applied knowledge in data management to support supporter to supporter communication as well as GPSEA to supporter communication
  • Develop and advise GPSEA in the area of data management systems and processes for our online and field staff to ensure timely turnaround on capture and usability of data.
  • Manage GPSEA supporter database in collaboration with the Fundraising Unit.
  • Provide data analysis of supporter behavior, growth and development including regularly update SMT and the Mass Mobilization Unit.

2. Professional mentoring, training and development of staff and supporters

  • Mentor key in-country Mass Mobilization staff in the importance of data capture and how it supports their specific projects.
  • Identify knowledge and skills gaps as well as learning opportunities for in-country Mass Mobilization Teams, including the supporters that fall under their scope, and develop training programs to meet these needs
  • Disseminate data analysis knowledge across GPSEA to inform campaign and project work where relevant

3. Integration of programs

  • DATA:  Develop standardized methodology for data capture across website and email programs.
  • ONLINE/OFFLINE: Ensure Data systems can communicate with online supporter to supporter and organization to supporter communication platforms
  • SUPPORTER JOURNEY: Work closely with the MM (Supporter Journey) Coordinators to ensure data segmentation and various lists are provided in time manner.
  • MOBILE: Identify opportunities and strengthen mobile technology use for mass mobilization as an integrated program through data capture and analysis
  • FUNDRAISING: Integrate fundraising opportunities within online organizing and other online mass mobilization through data analysis.

4. Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

  • Contribute to GPSEA mass mobilization planning, implementation and ongoing evaluation and regularly update relevant SMT.
  • Build a culture of Praxis (theory – action – Reflection) across GPSEA and produce evaluations of activities on a regular basis.
  • Assist the MM Mangers on in Country planning days and mentor MM In-Country Coordinators in planning, implementation and evaluation

5. Project Management

  • Lead and implement projects, including representation of GPSEA at local, national or international where assigned by SMT


  • Bachelor’s degree involving information technology, information systems, data management, data analysis, statistical analysis, actuarial science or minimum 5 years relevant equivalent industry experience.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in designing, developing, implementing and managing a complex database within multi-project environment, including proficiency in SQL and other database languages.


Organization competencies                                                                                                   

  • A commitment to direct action and the synergy between social justice and environmentalism

Functional competencies

  • Demonstrated experience training non-data specialist staff in database management
  • Demonstrated experience in negotiation with multiple decision makers and stakeholders within a project environment
  • Demonstrated high level skills in data analysis and reporting, including data visualization
  • Demonstrated understanding of data function within a campaign environment
  • Experience and knowledge of website and social media analytics
  • Experience in working across diverse communities including demonstrated cross-cultural communication skills
  • Strong personal organization skills including ability to manage multiple projects with competing priorities and timelines across various timezones, strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to handle constantly evolving work
  • List of preferred language(s) and any other languages you can read and write in and the level of proficiency of each.
  • Campaigning, Activist, Organizing and or Mobilization experience
  • Ability to work across Windows and Mac operating systems

Leadership competencies


  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team environment across multiple time zones
  • A willingness and ability to travel internationally and a flexible approach to work

Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for Greenpeace. Please attach this to a completed application form and email to 

Deadline of applications: August 3, 2013

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