Greenpeace calls for full public disclosure on chemical discharges from factories

Photo | September 13, 2012

Water Patrol activists dressed in hazmat suits put a sign post at Noah Papermills Inc as a source of toxic pollution in Marikina river. Thirty (30) Water Patrol activists in twelve boats paddled along the river to investigate and document possible water pollution hotspots along Marikina River. Greenpeace is calling on the government to require factories to disclose the chemical wastewater that they discharge into the rivers as part of a campaign to protect the country's freshwater sources. Greenpeace launched its 3-week "Right-to-Know" Water Patrol Expedition along Marikina river. The expedition, which travels for 85 kilometers for three weeks, will examine and document sources of toxic pollution from Marikina River all the way to Laguna Lake during the month of September.