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Be an ocean defender!

We love the oceans

       They’re beautiful

Our oceans are home to coral reefs—the forests of the oceans—colorful and stunning, they’re also important as nurseries for fish and other sea creatures.

But our corals are dying—they’re losing their beauty and their ability to nurture sea life.

They’re fun

There’s no better holiday than a day at the beach!

But our beaches are getting dirty--tons of plastic litter our shores, and float around the sea, aside from toxic sludge that ends up in the water!

They’re a treasure trove

Around 75% of all the known coral species and 40% of all the known reef fishes live in the waters of Southeast Asia. And there are probably thousands of other species that haven’t been discovered yet.

But all these amazing creatures are slowly disappearing.

They sustain life

Our oceans are a vital source of food and income for hundreds of millions of people throughout Southeast Asia.

But the very seas that provide these people livelihood and subsistence are under serious threat.

The Ocean needs our help if we want to keep enjoying it the way we do.


Oceans in Crisis

Things you can do





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Defend our Oceans!