24 November 2009

OUR GREAT VICTORY, Let's celebrate it

This is our GREAT VICTORY ever. This morning our two former greenpeacers - Dr.Jiragorn (ex-Executive Director) and Patwajee (ex-GMO campaigner), our lawyer and we were at the courthouse at which the hearing started at 9.00am. We were quite confident that our friends will be acquitted and not convicted anyway. So YES, we were right, the court have just cleared them of the charges of trespassing, theft and destruction of property appealed by the Department of Agriculture (DoA) and again this means they are ACQUITTED.

Fenruary 2004 - A greenpeace activist picked a papaya and put in a closed container in the DOA's GE papaya trail field.

Dr.Jiragorn and Patwajee were criminal charged with trespassing, theft and destruction of property by the DoA since 2004 after they had uncovered evidence of the government agency's role in widespread GMO papaya contamination in Thailand. They both had been acquitted at the first court in September 2006.

After the hearing I saw many big smiling faces from all of the Greenpeace staffs, our friends and even the journalists. We went out to have an interview in front of the courthouse.

However, the DoA will be able to extend the case by making an appeal to the supreme court, the last chance for them to go further. But we see that there is small possibility of doing that  because if we are found not guilty in the supreme court, it will be a criterion for the society in the future, which for them maybe too risky to move forward and extend the case. If they are convicted they will possible face 5-year in jail but the lawyer believed that they will be acquitted again. Within 30 days, we need to follow up and see if the DoA will extend the case or not. Just one word to say, LET'S CELEBRATE IT, EAT SOMTAM :)