'Two Months Of Injustice' Global Day of Solidarity

On November 16th, at events in 265 cities in 43 countries, thousands of people take part in a day of solidarity to mark two months since the Arctic 30 were detained following a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling on September 18.

A Russian court has charged the Arctic 30 (twenty-eight Greenpeace International activists, as well as a freelance videographer and photographer) with both piracy and hooliganism. No official confirmation has been given by the Russian authorities that the charge of piracy has been dropped, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 and 7 years, respectively.

To show your solidarity, please visit greenpeace.org/freethearctic30

Christine Russell, wife of detainee Colin Russell and their daughter Maddy release 30 doves at an event on the Sydney foreshore to show support for the Arctic 30.




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