Greenpeace statement in response to the resolution of the National Energy Policy Committee to continue the construction of the Krabi coal-fired power plant

ข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์ - กุมภาพันธ์ 17, 2560
Bangkok, 17 February 2017- In response to the Thai government’s decision to continue the construction of the Krabi coal-fired power plant, Chariya Senpong, Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Climate and Energy Campaigner said:

“This ill-advised decision reveals a dirty truth: that Thailand’s leaders are still addicted to polluting and harmful coal energy. Far from quitting this toxic habit, Thai authorities continue to embrace this old technology by approving new coal-fired power plants and by spewing lies about ‘clean coal’ which does not exist. 

“Thailand’s decision makers have failed to recognize the global call to phase out coal and fossil fuel to help save the climate. Now, more than ever, Thailand must shift and learn to embrace clean renewable energy instead of fossil fuels like coal. Our own survival is at stake and the Thai government has led us to this destructive path for too long.

“Let us end the denialism, acknowledge the climate urgency and speed up Thailand’s energy revolution in favour of clean renewable energy.

“Greenpeace believes that it's not too late for Thailand's leaders to change their erroneous decision, to reorient the country to a more sustainable path and become a global leader in renewable energy, to usher in green growth that benefits both people and the environment." 

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