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Übersichtsseite | 29. März, 2010 am 10:15

The Arctic and the Antarctic, two of the greatest wilderness areas on Earth with ecosystems vital to the functioning of our planet, are under assault from the impacts of rapidly accelerating climate change, industrialization, and the unchecked...

Protecting Antarctica

Informationsseite | 12. Mai, 2009 am 6:49

The historic 1991 agreement to prohibit all mineral extraction in Antarctica for 50 years set an example for a new relationship with planet Earth.

Protecting the Arctic

Informationsseite | 12. Mai, 2009 am 10:33

Unlike Antarctica, there is no single over-arching treaty governing activities in the Arctic.

The Arctic oil race

Informationsseite | 9. Mai, 2009 am 17:30

The impacts of climate change in the Arctic underscore the urgency with which the world's governments must seriously reduce CO2 emissions, yet instead, many are racing to secure their "right" to drill for oil that may be found underneath the...

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