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Update Feb. 5, 2013: APP has announced a ‘Forest Conservation Policy’ aimed at ending its involvement in deforestation.

We're on the look out for forest criminal, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)

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APP's destructive ways are driving critically endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger and orangutan into extinction, impacting indigenous communities and driving climate change

Indonesia is the world's third largest climate polluter due to rapid destruction of its carbon-rich rainforests and peatlands.  One of the leading drivers of this break-neck deforestation is the expansion of pulpwood plantations into natural forests.  Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is Indonesia's biggest paper company, and its most notorious forest destroyer.

As rainforests are cleared, drained and burned to make way for pulpwood plantations, endangered wildlife like the Sumatran tiger are pushed towards extinction.  There are only 400 Sumatran tigers left, yet APP continues to eat into their last forest habitat.

As APP expands its pulpwood plantations into rainforests, it also seeks to expand its sales of disposable paper products around the world.  In the U.S., APP markets tissue under the guise of a subsidiary, Oasis Brands which sells the “Paseo” and “Livi” brands.  For the last two years, Paseo was the fastest growing toilet paper brand in the U.S.  To fuel this growth, APP is covering up its role in rainforest destruction and making deceptive claims of environmental sustainability.

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